Safrema Energy LLC was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Sarasota, Florida.  After more than 5 years of intensive research and development in collaboration with some of the world’s leading institutions and experts in hydrokinetic technologies, we’re ready to build a high efficiency augmented turbine system capable of producing electricity from ocean and river flow.

In March 2010, we initiated the conceptual design and planning phase. We proofed the vertical axis water turbine function using on a 3′ scaled VAWT prototype

After a thorough market analysis and research we have built up a strong operating and development team of specialists worldwide. Our partners are INSEAN/CNR, FAU/SNMREC and SSPA.

  • In September 2012, Safrema signed a 5-year cooperation agreement with INSEAN, Italy`s premier research institute active in the fields of naval architecture and marine engineering. We’ve repeatedly tested individual hydrodynamic turbine components in INSEAN’s tow tank facility.
  • We signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Florida Atlantic University (FAU/SNMREC) in August 2012. This permits us to test the NEXUS turbine at FAU’s test site and facilities.
  • Safrema established its headquarters in Sarasota, Florida in January 2013.
  • In March 2013, as a result of our successful research and development, we filed a patent application with 15 independent and 74 dependent claims, including blades, augmentor, floating structure and generator design (patents pending)
  • In April, 2013 Safrema Energy was selected as a TiE50 2013 Finalist out of more than 1,100 companies from 22 countries.
  • Safrema named Winner of 2013 TiE50 “Top Startup” Award at TiEcon 2013, the world’s largest conference for entrepreneurs in May, 2013 in Santa Clara (Silicon Valley) California.
  • With  STANTEC, we studied a number of launch sites in 2013 to select the most suitable location for our first NEXUS ocean turbine park installation. Some of the important criteria are, for example, current velocity, water depth, distance to shore, coral habitat and vessel transit.
  • Our partner FAU applied in 2010 to BOEM for a lease to deploy offshore Ft. Lauderdale. In August 2015 the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) Announces Availability of Environmental Assessment for Marine Hydrokinetic Technology Testing Offshore Florida. This enhances also our future commercial license applications.
  • Since 2015 a number of very potential projects have been given as proposal by different Organizations and members of the OES countries, for example Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, South America and the Caribbean islands.
  • The past years have been dedicated in developing smaller NEXUS units to suit a very large potential market segment of River turbines.

The design and development phases have been completed. Safrema is ready for the next big step: the production of our first test turbine. We require additional funds to reach this important milestone