SSPA Turbine Offshore

Safrema Energy has set up a strong and ideal partnership with SSPA Sweden. In a team effort we are creating the optimum design / structure of the floating device for our NEXUS turbine.

SSPA’s specialties include:

  • Hydrodynamics
  • Hull design and materials
  • Strength calculation, FE-Analyses and optimization
  • Propulsion and auxiliary systems
  • Acoustics and vibrations
  • Stability (intact and damage)
  • Vulnerability analysis and assessment
  • Cost estimating →

SSPA’s quality policy ensures high technical quality and efficiency in the execution of projects. SSPA’s working methods are adjusted to minimize harmful effects on the environment and to achieve good occupational health and safety. The Quality Management System at SSPA is in compliance with SS-EN ISO 9001.

We have the opportunity to cooperate with the traditional players in shipping, fishing and other maritime activities. SSPA is familiar with all the codes and international marine regulations necessary to create and implement a structure acceptable to those parameters.

Areas of environmental engagement include:

  • Risk analyses of marine transport
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Integrated Coastal Zone Management
  • Coastal processes and sea defense solutions