Comparisons Offshore Renewables

NEXUS Water Turbine
Safrema Energy LLC

We plan to build up our first commercial turbine park with 10 turbines in the Gulf Stream east of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Estimated costs: 18 Million US$
Nominal power: 12 MW
Investment costs: 1,500 US$/kW

Tidal Turbine
Hammerfest Energie

The world’s first commercial tidal energy project will be built up in the Sound of Islay between 2013 and 2015. The turbines will be placed 50 m deep on the seabed with a life span of 25 years. The rotor has a diameter of 23 meter and is approximately 33.5 meter tall from the seabed.

Cost: 60 Million US$
Nominal power: 10 MW
Investment costs: 6,000 US$/kW

SeaGen Tidal Turbine Marine Current Turbine Ltd

The first SeaGen turbine has been installed in Strangford Narrows Northern Ireland since April 2008. The SeaGen generator weighs 300 tonnes with two 16 meter diameter rotors. One rotor produces on average about 300 kW where the “rated” current speed is 2.4 m/s. At slower current speeds the power production drops dramatically.

Cost: 17 Million US$
Nominal power: 1.2 MW
Investment costs: 14,100 US$/kW 

Offshore wind farm Alpha Ventus

The first German offshore wind farm was built in 2010 with 12 turbines capable of producing 5 MW. Alpha Ventus supplied 267 GWh in 2011 which is 50% of the max. capacity.

Cost: 325 Million US$
Nominal power: 60 MW
Investment costs: 5,400 US$/kW