Dr. Fabio Di Felice

Dr. Fabio Di Felice – PhD in Mechanics

Senior Research Scientist and Safrema Project Coordinator – INSEAN

Nationality: Italy

For eight years Research Engineer at CIRA (Italian Aerospace Research Center) involved in wind tunnel testing, experimental techniques development in aerodynamics, Low Speed Wind Tunnel and the CIRA Icing Wind Tunnel.

Has been appointed Head of the Advanced Measurement Group developing advanced measurement techniques (LDV, PIV, PSP) for aerodynamic testing. CIRA Responsible for the development of PIV for wind tunnel testing in the European Association of Aeronautical Research Centres (GARTEUR) Since 1996 Research Scientist at INSEAN.

Involved in advanced optical measurement techniques LDV, PIV, SPIV Time-resolved PIV applied in Propulsion and Cavitation. Involved in the Cavitation induced pressure fluctuation specialist committee for the 23rd ITTC conference and in the Wake flow. Since 2003 has been appointed Director of INSEAN Cavitation and Propulsion Laboratories, Head of the Large Circulating Water Cavitation Tunnel and the CEIMM Cavitation Tunnel.