Bruno Andreis

Bruno Andreis

Founder & CEO – Safrema Energy

Nationality: Swedish and Italian

Languages: Swedish, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish

Mr. Andreis is an internationally experienced entrepreneur and initiator within several industries and projects. He is fluent in six languages, which over the years contributed to an extensive international network. He successfully launched several companies in different industries such as the sporting goods industry with brands like “Fila”.

Furthermore he sponsored some of the most known athletes and the National Golf team in Sweden including the launch of the Swedish start in professional golf. He then moved on to the horticultural field, developed a technology for the production of natural fertilizer with his own engineers and biologists, and set up distribution in countries like Holland, France, Spain and Saudi Arabia.

He also represented a company that established investment opportunities in the former Eastern Bloc countries and Asia. Mr. Andreis is well prepared and has experience in coordinating complex technical structures and organizations.